Ans:-  Deforestation is the cutting down of the forest in large number. It decreases the shape and size of the forest. It includes destruction of trees in area and size and mass and appearance. Deforestation is very harmful for humankind and other creatures as well. It degrades the environment.

There are many causes of deforestation which includes rapid population growth. Poverty, ignorance, unawareness lack of knowledge, overgrazing, etc. Deforestation leads to many problems in the environment. It invites many kinds of natural disasters such as flood, landslide, soil erosion, irregularity in temperature. Deforestation means destruction of natural habitat of animals and birds. Animals become extinct if there is lack of movement. Because of overpopulation people are migrating from one place to another and they cut down trees to settle themselves. Many people are uneducated. They cut down trees, fire on the jungle and sell timber and valuable medicinal plats to other countries. When there is lack of both plants and animals it degrades ecosystem and blocks the path of basic human needs.

People are responsible for diminishing of trees. They take their cattle in the forests for grazing. People cut down a large areas of forests to establish factories to manufacture goods for them

We can launch a tree-planting campaign to save trees, jungles, environment and to stop deforestation. People should participate in the programme of community forest. Cutting down of woods for firewood and timbers should be strictly checked. People should be discouraged to fell down trees indiscriminately. The government should provide an alternative source of energy for cooking.

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