About My EG Learning.

we believe that learning is the sources of human progress. Learning empowers us to change, grow and redefine what’s possible. My EG Learning is a free online and offline learning platform which provide Quality notes, Guide, study materials and academic contents from  the middle school level to Higher school level for both Nepali and English medium students. Our main aim is to create digital learning platform for both teachers and students that enhance teaching and learning on online. Every individual has the right to get quality education and this platform will provide every individual the freedom to choose what, how and where one wants to learn. This platform inspires community engagement and inclusive learning environments through the use of emerging technologies. Through  this platform, every individual can become an active learner at their own area without any restrictions.

Our Mission

  • Provide free, and quality elearning materials.
  •  Provide distance and peace learning environment. 
  • Create a platform where every portions of education merges.
  •  Provide freedom to the every individual to learn whatever they want, wherever they are & whenever they want.

Our Team Members

Suman Mukhiya

Executive Director