Politics in Educational Institutions

‘Politics in educational institutions’

Ans:- Educational institutions in our country include schools, colleges, campuses and universities. Politics in educational institutions is always controversial. Some think students, teachers and scholars should actively participate in politics whereas some think they should be far from politics. Anyway in our country these institution have become a hub to produce activists. They are used and misused by the political parties.

       Politics is inseparable from the youths. Youths stage movements against tyranny. They stage rallies against price hike, corruption, injustice. Participation in politics enables them to be good leader in future. It trains them to be experienced leaders. They can understand the problem of the nation and they can assist the leaders or the citizen. Students are the pillars of the nation and if they are deprived of politics, they may not be interested in politics. It may results bad people’s participation in politics. If educated people enter into politics, there will be possibilities of new visions. So, healthy politics in necessary for developing good leadership.

       On the other hand, many people oppose the idea of participating students in politics. They say it’s a dirty game and may spoil their decent minds. Students involved in politics have done poor at study. Schools and College students are not matured enough to keep balance between their study and political career. The agitated students have been found destroying the public properties. Most of the students have been shot recently in recent movements. They don’t know healthy politics and they follow any philosophy blindly. The students are used as the tools and ladders of political parties. Different students unions interrupt academic programs for their interests. If good environment of teaching-learning is not set, nation can’t produce doctors, engineer, and technicians in the nation.

         To more extent, it’s bad to participate in politics for students, but to some extent, it’s good. School colleges and educational institutions should be declared peace zone. Political leaders should concentrate on development; activists will join after seeing the work done by the leaders.

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