Dowry System

Dowry System

Ans:-  A dowry is money or property. It is given to the daughter by her parents. When she gets married she takes it to her husband’s home. The system of giving dowries is a social evil. It is common and prevalent especially in the south part of the country. Now the custom of dowry has become widespread. Dowries are given to daughters in many forms.

       In my opinion  there are not any good sides in giving dowries to daughters. The dowry system encourages the corruption among people. It can break relationship between husband and wife. Brides who bring less than expected dowry are badly treated by their in-law and other relatives.

       As a result many of them commit suicide, burn themselves, take poison, kill themselves by hanging or their in-laws kill them. Husbands may give a torture to their wives in want of more dowry. The girls whose parents cannot afford a dowry will not be able to get married.

     What is needed is a complete change in our social awareness. Total eradication of dowry system is possible only when the mentality of the people changes. We have to discourage people from accepting money. Young boys and girls who are going to get married should not come under pressure of their parents.

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