National Unity


Ans:-  I live in Nepal. It lies between great India and china in Asia. It is surrounded by India to the east, south and west and by China to the north it’s areas is 147181 sq. km. It has three geographical regions. They are: Lowland of tarai, Himalaya and the Mountains. There is wide variation of vegetation and animals here.

       Narayani, Mechi, Koshi, Gandaki, Karnali, Bagmati, Mahakali Trishuli are major rivers here. Nepal is second richest country in water recourses after Brazil. There are nearly 600 small and big rivers here. The rivers flow from north to south. There is high possibility of Hydro-electricity in Nepal. The rivers have 63000 megawatt electric capacity to produce. Due to lack of technology Nepal is limited to 600 megawatt only. The rivers are used for irrigation, drinking water, agriculture and so on.

         The forest of Nepal had a big possibility of medical herbs. Many raw materials are easily available for production. Forests are useful for industries, timber, shelter, herbs and so on. Many kinds of birds and animals are common here. Millions of tourists come to enjoy the natural beauty of Nepal. It helps to maintain a good balance in nature.

        Most of the people follow Hinduism here people of Islam, Christianity, Buddhism also live here independently. Nearly 80% of people believe in Hinduism. There is mutual understanding between every race of people. There is no any communal feeling here. Everyone can perform their rites and rituals freely.

       Mt. Everest is famous all over the world, it lies in Nepal. The lord Buddha was born in Nepal. More than hundred languages are spoken here. People celebrate dashai, Chhata, Dipawali, Tihar, Holi, Eid with great pomp and show. The major food are Daal, Bhat, Vegetable, Chapati(roti), Achar etc. They produce rice, corn, wheat, barley potato and many more.

          In conclusion, it’s a beautiful place to live. We are proud of being born in Nepal. Its developing slowly. Its identity with Gorkhali Soldiers is world famous. I hope our country may remain peaceful, beautiful and most popular all the time