Agriculture in Nepal

Agriculture in Nepal

Ans:-  Nepal is an agriculture country. Many people live in villages. All of them depend on agriculture. More than 70 percent people are farmers. Agriculture is the backbone of the country and economy

       Agriculture has a great importance. It supports our daily food. The progress of our country depends on agriculture. It makes the pace of development go quick.

There are many causes of fall in agriculture. Nepalese farmers depends n monsoon for irrigation and planting their crops. The heavy rain washes the top level. Farmers have no ideas how to get rid of them. The problems of irrigation is the great. Farmers lack the improved seeds and chemical fertilizers. They follow of cultivation. They use unscientific tools. There is a problems of transportation. Most farmers are untrained. They do not have good books, booklets and information farming. They lack money. The land tenure is very controversial

       There are some steps to improve agriculture. The government should give its full attention to the condition of agriculture. Irrigation system should be improved. The government should give emphasis on the scientific farming. There must be improvement in land tenure. Farmers should have awareness about their farming. Agronomists should have to send in villages.

      The development of the nation depends on agriculture. If agriculture is good the status of farmers can well be improved.