The Earthquake

The Earthquake

    Ans:-  An earthquake is a sudden, violent shaking of the earth’s surface. At the time of earthquake, the some part of earth trembles. The trembling is sometimes mild but sometimes very violent.

The inside of the earth is a very hot burning mass of liquid matter. Because of some reasons the heated matter becomes cool in some part. Then it contracts. The upper part of the earth at that particular place is drawn down. Then this produces cracks on the surface of the earth.

The water of the ocean flows down through these cracks  and comes in touch with the hot liquid and steam is produced. It wants to rush out and the earth is violently shaken. If the earthquake is mild, it does not do much harm. But if it is violent its effect is dangerous. It causes a great loss of life and property.

Many brick-built houses fall down when the earth trembles for two to three minutes. Sometimes the water of ponds and rivers swells all on a sudden and sometimes the water of a river or a part the ocean is dried up and land appears there. Thousands of lives are lost. Crops are destroyed. 

There was a violent earthquake in Nepal in 1990 B.S. It caused great loss to the country. Kathmandu suffered great damages as a result of this earthquake. Many people lost their lives.

Many people became homeless. Every year we read in newspaper reports of great earthquake in different part of the world

The earthquake is a terrible enemy of mankind. We cannot control it. We do not know anything about it when it will take place. Wooden houses should be built where earthquakes occur very often.  

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