Unit:-9 Consumer Health and Community Health

Consumer Health and Community Health

A.  Very short question answer

1.  What is community health? 

Ans:- Community organizers effort for maintaining protecting and improving the health of people of the community is called community health.

2.  Write any importance of community health? 

Ans:- It helps to maintain environmental sanitation in the community.

3.  Which health service is highly practicein Nepal? 

Ans:- The curative health service is highly practice in Nepal.

4.  What are any two major health problem of Nepal? 

Ans:- Malnutrition and prevalence of infectious disease are two major health problems of Nepal.

5.  When was Nepal Red Cross Society established? 

Ans:- In 2020 BS, Bhadra 19  Nepal Red Cross Society was established.

6.  Who is the founder of Nepal Pokhara Association? 

Ans:- Daya Bir Singh Kansakar is the founder of Nepal Pokhara Association.

7.  What was the maternal mortality rate of Nepal in 2016 AD? 

Ans:- The maternal mortality rate of Nepal is 170 per lakh in 2019 AD.

8.  What is the full form of OPD and IPD? 

Ans:- Full form of

OPD:- Out Patient Department

IPD:- Indoor Patient Department

9.  When was Nepal leprosy relief Association established? 

Ans:- In 2026 BS. Asar 26 Nepal leprosy relief Association was established.

10.  When was Nepal hot Foundation established? 

Ans:- In 2045 BS Nepal hot Foundation was established.

11.  Which is the only one Ayurvedic hospital of Nepal? 

Ans:- Nardevi Ayurvedic Hospital, Nardevi, Kathmandu is the only Ayurvedic hospital of Nepal.

12.  Give one example of drug. 

Ans:- Cocaine is an example of drug.

13.  What is the rate of poverty in Nepal? 

Ans:- The rate of poverty in Nepal is 23.8% (2015).


B.  Short and long question answer

1.  What is Community Health? What are the importance of Community Health? (long Question) 

Ans:- Community health is an organized effort to promote the health of people of community and to control the disease in the community. Community health is very important to develop the healthy community. The following points show the importance of the community health:

i)  Environmental sanitation:- It is a basic aspect of Community Health. The clean and neat surrounding control the epidemic disease in the community. So, All the people of community should be involved in environmental sanitation. Single attempt of a person is not enough for the sanitation.

ii)  Production of healthy men power:- The healthy people are the backbone of family prosperous and national development. A healthy person can contribute in the Welfare of family and Nation. The Community health prepares healthy people in the family and community. It encourages people to acquire healthy behaviour and lifestyle.

iii)  Access health services and facilities:- The development of healthy community and people is impossible in lack of appropriate health service and facilities. The health services and facilities should be expanded to every part of the country equally. This should be approached up to ground root level of the  community.


2.  What are the various scopes of Community Health? Write in points. 

Ans:- The following are the scope of community health:

i)  Supervision of food stuffs, drinking water and milk in the community

ii)  Prevention and control of communicable and Epidemic disease

iii)  Environmental health and sanitation

iv)  Immunization program

v)  Control of malnutrition

vi)  Prevention of accident and injuries


3.  Describe any four scopes of Community Health. 

Ans:- There are various scopes community health. The following four scopes are described as:

i)  Supervision of food stuffs in the community.

ii)  Prevention and control of communicable and epidemic disease

iii)  Environmental health and sanitation

iv)  Immunization program

v)  Control of malnutrition.


4.  What are the health services available in Nepal? List and explain each clearly. (long Question) 

Ans:- The various health service are available in Nepal. These services are classified into following groups:

i)  Preventive health service:- the health service that is provided to eliminate or control the causes and sanitation of disease is called preventive health service. This service is given before the infection of disease.

ii)  Promotive health service:- the health service that is given to promote the existing health of people is known as Promotive health service. It improves the present health status of people by eliminating all the risks of disease and disabilities.

a)  Food and nutrition

b)  reproductive health

c)  health Education information

d)  maternal child health care

e)  immunization and safe motherhood

f)  birth spacing and family planning, etc.

iii)  Curative health service:- the health service that is provided to the patient to treat any disease or deformity is called curative health service. The diagnosis of disease, treatment of patient or injured control of epidemic disease etc. Adarsham service Under Secretary health service.

iv)  Rehabilitative health service:- the special health services given to the victim of certain disease and addiction of settle in process null and social life is called rehabilitative health service. The patient of chronic disease, patient of leprosy, neurological disorder, HIV /AIDS infected, addicts and abusers need this service to recover their normal life.


5.  What is preventive health services? Give the example of such health service available in Nepal. 

Ans:- The health service that is provided to eliminate or control of causes and sanitation of disease is called preventive health service. The following preventive health services are available in Nepal:

i)  National immunization program

ii)  family planning and maternal child health care program

iii)  National Tuberculosis control program

iv)  leprosy Control Program

v)  health education

vi)  AIDS and STD Control Program


6.  What are the importances of rehabilitative to health service? 

Ans:- Rehabilitative health service or incentive service to the patient of chronic disease, STD and addicts. The importance of rehabilitative Health Service can express in the following points:

i)  It make the patient hopeful towards the believing

ii)  It provides two incentive environment for the patient

iii)  It corporates to recover the normal life

iv)  It corporate the patient to adjust in family and community.


7.  When was Nepal Red Cross Society established in Nepal? Mention the main four function of NRCS with example. 

Ans:- Nepal Red Cross Society was established in BS 2020 Bhadra 19. Its head office is in Kalikamati, Kathmandu. It is involved in various social functions. The main functions are given below:

i)  Service oriented activities:- it provides such types of service at the time of disaster like flood, earthquake, etc. It provides relief service to the victim of disaster. It service people at the time of famine and epidemic. Red Cross supports the refugee also.

ii)  Health service activities:- Red Cross organized the health checkup camp and blood donation program. It has been conducting blood bank service at the various part of the country.

iii)  Development activities:- Red Cross conducts the development activities for the well-being of community. Literacy program, drinking water supply, sanitation program income generation family planning and productive health awareness program are some developmental activities of Nepal Red Cross Society.

iv)  Organisational department activities:- Red Cross organized seminar, workshop, training, meeting, interaction, exhibition, camp, etc for the development of organization.


8.  When was Nepal hot Foundation established? Explain its various activities. 

Ans:- Nepal Heart Foundation was established in Nepal. The following points explain the various activities of Nepal hot Foundation:

i)  Aware people on heart disease

ii)  Inspiring people to adopt a Healthy lifestyle

iii)  Conducting National program on prevention and control of rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart disease

iv)  Providing assistance for surgery of heart patients


9.  What are the various functions of Nepal Paropakar Association? 

Ans:- Nepal Paropakar Association is voluntary help Institutions working in Nepal. The following are the various functions of this association:

i)  Distribution of medicine to poor and orphans free of cost

ii)  Vision of education for orphans

iii)  Starting Maternity Hospital since 1959

iv)  Providing Ambulance Service


10.  What types of effect does high population growth on community health have? State the relevant examples. 

Ans:- High population growth affects the community health adversely. The following are the effects of high population growth on community health:

i)  It creates the poor sanitation in the community and promote the prevalence of communicable disease.

ii)  It decreases the supplements of food and nutrition that may boost up the malnutrition, neutralization disorder and mortality rate.

iii)  It causes the lacking of poor drinking water in the community.

iv)  It causes the weak access of people on available health service and facilities.


11.  What are the objectives of expanded program of Immunization? 

Ans:- The followings are the objective of expanded program of Immunization:

i)  Initiate the common people of impose the vaccine.

ii)  Provision of trained health workers for the immunization

iii)  Impose of TT vaccine to pregnant

iv)  Provision of TT vaccine to eliminate tetanus disease among the school children.


12.  Write about HIV/AIDS control program in details. 

Ans:- National AIDS and sexual Disease Control Centre conduct the HIV AIDS control program in Nepal. The various public awareness programs are organized under the program. The main functions of this program are as follow:

i)  Diagnosis and treatment of HIV/AIDS and STDs infected person

ii)  Distribution of educational kit against HIV/AIDS to aware people

iii)  Formulation of national policies to control HIV/AIDS and STDs

iv)  Rehabilitative program for its victim

v)  Organize the for motional program to use the condom and counseling service to control HIV/AIDS and STDs


13.  What are the objective of family planning and maternal child health? 

Ans:- The following are the objective of family planning and Child Health Program:

i)  Diagnosis of infant and mother health

ii)  Provision of nutritious food to the children

iii)  Giving the education on maternal child health

iv)  Assure delivery service

v)  Corporate the couple to make happy and prosperous family.


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